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Pros and Cons of Crossfit

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My friend dragged me to a week long trial of Crossfit at the beginning of January, and let me tell you…I’ve done Insanity. Crossfit? It’s on a whole another level. I thought Insanity was…well…Insane, but crossfit: it is intense. It is hard and at times, you curse, and want to cry, and give up. But the satisfaction and the endorphin rush at the end of the short workout is so worth the agonizing pain. It’s been three weeks since I’ve started, and I can honestly say that as much as I dread walking into class, I love every single minute of the torture. But I can see why this type of workout is not for everybody.

What is crossfit? It is primarily a short, high intensity strength training fitness program. Most workouts usually last no more than 20 minutes; but those 20 minutes are hell. Most workout sessions consist of a combination of plyometric training in combination with some olympic style weight lifting usually for time or for as many reps completed within a certain time.

A gym? More like a torture chamber!

A gym? More like a torture chamber!


  • Workouts are short. And you get a great workout overall. Most workout of the days(WODs) utilize strength, endurance, and flexibility and you push yourself as much as you want.
  • The trainers are Awesome. I had very limited knowledge of doing anything with weight lifting and the bar work (dead lifts, push press, etc) The trainers help you with your posture, and give invaluable tips to getting better.
  • I love the people I workout with. Usually I workout in the morning, to get it out of the way; but I choose to come in later to the 4pm crossfit class, because I love the people who I workout with. They are encouraging, and super supportive. When I am on my last round, and I feel like I cannot possibly finish the WOD, my team members will give out encouraging comments, or even do another extra round, to get me to complete the workout. I love them.
  • It really works.You definitely get stronger, and more fit, and you feel better overall. I started doing crossfit, three weeks ago, and I could barely lift the 35lb barbell. After 3 weeks, I feel stronger, and I can definitely lift the barbell,and even add 10lb weights to do dead lifts. Not only does crossfit make you stronger physically, but you are also mentally stronger as well. I am more focused, and determined to finish the workout each day.
Workouts can appear deceiving.

A sample workout of the day (WOD). Trust me, workouts can appear deceiving.


  • High risk of injury. Honestly, if you don’t utilize the proper technique, you can easily break your bone, and hurt yourself. Listen to your body and know your limits. You know your body better than your trainer. If you are a beginner, and have never lifted, don’t start lifting 90lb+ because you want to show off to your sexy trainer. She’s probably going to come over and tell you to get lighter weight and focus on your technique. It’s all about maintaining the proper form while you finish the workout. 
  • Everyone does the same workout as you do. Luckily my trainers are awesome, and they will scale it down for beginners like me (usually fewer reps, and lighter weights), but it does not matter if you are male, female, an Olympic athlete  or a 60 year old woman; everyone has to finish the same workout.


Even though it is a bit pricey, I love crossfit. But here’s my fitness story: I swam for 7 years, and pretty competitively for 4 years. Most of college, I tried to go to the gym regularly and I run occasionally, and do yoga; I love Bikram Yoga. I tried crossfit because I needed to focus on my strength. (I am a hypochondriac, and I am convinced I am going to get osteoporosis before I turn 50. It doesn’t help that I am asian, and I have a family history of osteoporosis). Crossfit definitely helps in the strength training and conditioning department. I will occasionally supplement it with yoga, and a run here and there, but I look forward to my daily 4pm crossfit class. Even if you are a beginner, definitely try it. It is challenging and physically demanding; but it is worth it…especially to see yourself progress and grow stronger both physically and mentally week by week.

Addicted to endorphins. I have a problem.

Addicted to endorphins. I have a problem.

Until next time friends. Take care!


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