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Week’s Worth of Workouts

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I meant to post this last night, but I ended up heading to bed early instead. It has been a busy several days. Momma and I have been shopping trying to get everything ready for my upcoming India trip in a month and half. But in all this chaos, I still have found time to fit in a workout every day. I usually workout Monday-Friday, and take the weekends off. So here’s a recap of what my exercising week has looked like this past week:

killer workout week.

killer workout week.

I forgot to take a picture of my workout of the day on Thursday, but here is what we did:

2.7.13-Workout of the Day

Back Squat Est. 1Rep max

Annie was on the Shuttle
Double Unders (Double the rep count for Single Unders)

(basically, 50 jump ropes, (I had to do a 100x because I’m not a proficient jump roper, yet), and 50 sit ups, 80 jump ropes, 40 sit ups, etc…)

Mostly a lot of crossfit. It was a lot of arm work this week. And unfortunately my scrawny arms and shoulder definitely paid the price. I do need to work on my upper body strength, so I guess I’m doing something right if I’m in this much pain, right? I’ve also tried to incorporate some of the yoga poses I learned from my Bikram yoga class on my own in the mornings. My muscles are so stiff and sore from all this crosffit, and doing yoga and stretching helps. Finally, I’ve resorted to using this nifty heating/cooling pad my momma found at Bed Bath & Beyond to help with the aching muscles. It definitely helps with the shoulder stiffness.

heat therapy for my aching muscles.

heat therapy for my aching muscles. (Earth Theraputics Anti-Stress Microwaveable Comfort Wrap)

Need some inspiring videos to get you motivated on your workout? Check out this video below. Exercise really is a mental activity as much as it’s a physical activity. It’s about determination. It’s easy to say, “Oh I’ll do it tomorrow. And I don’t feel like it.” But you’ll be amazed how good you feel when finish that workout. (

Stay safe, and take care Friends. See you soon!


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