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There’s a Rumbly in my Tummy

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Confession time: I have a really bad habit where I forget to eat throughout the day. And then I come home, and I’m so ravenous that I’ll eat whatever is in front of me. I know. This is horrible. DO NOT follow in my footsteps. Seriously. Don’t. It’s bad. This horrendous habit started in college. I would have crazy hard classes all back to back, and have labs and meetings, and before I knew it,  it’s 5p.m. and I haven’t eaten anything…and I am cranky and just peeved at everyone and anything that moves. If I’m smart, I would have eaten breakfast and carried some snacks in my backpack. But on days, when I’m waking up at 8:20 for my 8:30 am class…the last thing I want to do is eat cereal. This habit didn’t even end when I graduated college, and started working full time in the lab. Except this time, since I didn’t have to be at work till 9 am, I made myself a big breakfast: usually consisting of of a mug of chai latte, and eggs and toast. Unfortunately, in my usual haste, I became lazy about packing lunch, and I would just grab a banana or some yogurt or promise myself I would buy something from on campus.

Then on top of my full time workload, I started volunteering and shadowing in the hospital. I worked with a phenomenal doctor. He’s a neurosurgeon who primarily focuses on movement disorders like Parkinson’s, Essential Tremors, Dystonia, etc. But he’s more than just a great neurosurgeon, he’s an excellent teacher. (nerd alert!) I fell in love with the brain, and even more so with learning about the human brain. Thus, I started to spend long hours in the OR and in the clinic learning as much as I could from him. Clinic normally closes at 5pm…but because this doctor cares so much about providing the best care for his patients, there would be times where we would spend almost an hour with each patient, and we wouldn’t leave clinic until 7 p.m. The OR was another story. The latest I ever stayed in the OR was 9pm…and we still wouldn’t be done for the day. If I was lucky I would be able to sneak out for lunch or grab a quick snack, but there were days where I would be so engrossed in what was happening in the OR or so absorbed with a patient’s history, that I would literally forget about eating.

Long story short: This is not a healthy habit to continue, so now I try to make sure I have some sort of snack in my bag at all times. And I’m making it a mission to continue eating healthy and staying fit. These are a few snacks I’m recently obsessed with this month:

Bananas, Papayas, and Pineapples... Such deliciousness!

Bananas, Papayas, and Pineapples… Such deliciousness!

I love fruits, even more than I love cheese. And I love finding new fruits to try.  Banana’s are so portable. And cutting up fruits like pineapple, and papaya and storing them in the fridge make for a great midnight snack!

Hard Boiled Eggs...still boiling.

Hard Boiled Eggs…still boiling.

Fast and easy source of protein. I don’t care what anyone says, eggs are super healthy. At 70 calories per egg, you get all your 9 essential amino acids, and almost 6 grams of proteins. And it is an excellent source of choline…an important B vitamin that helps in neural regulation and prevents against numerous other diseases. So if you don’t have high cholestrol problems, don’t go out of your way to avoid eggs simply because of the negative vibes surrounding them.

Chobani yogurt!

Chobani yogurt! (please ignore my chipped nails. I tried so hard to make them last a week 🙂 )

I’m very picky about yogurt and their flavors. But lately I’ve been liking this brand a lot. I prefer their honey and vanilla flavors. But Costco had this one on sale.

feb 13th 023

Cinnamon Almonds from Trader Joes

So addicting. I seriously have to control myself. I think I could finish this whole bag in one sitting. Gotta exercise that self control.

feb 13th 031

Do you know what fruit this is?

STARFRUIT! My parents have a starfruit tree in their backyard, and this year we have had a great harvest. They’re fresh and super sweet and delicious. They make for a great snack. And fruits taste so much better when you can pick it straight from a tree and eat it.

feb 13th 035

String Cheese!

I love Cheese:  Aged Cheddar, Gouda, Swiss, you name it, I’ll try it. I try to keep some string cheese handy. They’re great for munching on, and an excellent source of calcium. I’m trying really hard to increase my calcium and vitamin D intake. Like I said, I’m a little paranoid that my bones are going to break from an early onset of osteoporosis. Doing Crossfit 5x a week and increasing my calcium levels has to make my bones stronger, right? At least I really hope they will. 😀

This is a short list of what I’ve been recently snacking on. What’s your favorite snack lately?


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  1. I’m loving Muller yogurt. They have Greek and regular and it comes with fruit, nuts, choco crispies. I’m making myself hungry. I’ll be giving out ten free ones on my blog soon. It’s a new brand and Publix just started carrying it. So good.

    Did you go to Trader Joe’s in Gainesville?

    • Awesome! I’ve never tried it. But it sounds delicious. And yes, I did. On my last trip, I snagged a couple of yummy snacks from Trader Joes. They need to open one here!


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