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Let’s go for a Run…Tomorrow

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I wish I could genuinely like running. It’s been a year since I did my first 5k. And usually most people are so addicted to running after their first 5k, that they sign up for more races; training for longer distances and trying to continue setting new personal records. For some people, running is addicting. I am  not one of those persons…yet. I would rather swim a mile than run one. Unfortunately, running a half marathon has made it to my bucket list, and I figure I should give this whole running thing another try.  (I cannot even fathom running a full marathon. My legs already cramp up just thinking about 3.1 miles, I think they’ll boycott running anything longer than 13.1 miles).

Honestly, my first 5k was a horrible experience. My friend and I had talked about doing a 5k for several months. So we started doing some training.  We began on the treadmill, and then a month before the actual race day, we started running outside. Those treadmills are so deceitful. Running outside really meant jogging…and taking really long walking breaks. We had beautiful running/jogging weather for training purposes. It wasn’t too humid, and the weather was perfect, and great for training outside. Fast forward to the morning of Feb 12, 2012: the one day in the entire winter season, where the weather in balmy Florida dropped to like mid 30s. Not lying. I was not used to such cold weather. I was dressed in layers, and even before the race started my fingers and my ears were freezing. My nose was running, and I was tearing up because it was that cold. Running seemed to make me feel more colder, but I thought I should try for a little while. After running a mile, I wanted to quit. This really wasn’t what I was prepared for. At All. Luckily I found some people who were running at the same pace I was, and we encouraged each other until we finally saw the finish line. I picked up my pace only so that I could get to my car faster and turn up the heat and go home to take a hot shower. And that is exactly what I did after I crossed the line. It was a miserable experience. But I’m glad I did it; only to say that I finally did a 5k.


My first 5k in such awful weather, and all I got was this shirt, and a tank top at that. Oh the irony 😀

I quit running for several months, until I started a gym membership, and decided to be friends with the dreaded treadmill again. I’m still no good at running. I get winded really easily. My knees and ankles get agitated. And I have yet to finish a 5K run under 30 minutes. My best was 35 minutes. Now I’m trying to get myself to endure running outside. Choosing a different running route definitely makes the jog more interesting, as does meeting friendly running neighbors, and finding upbeat and poppy music. I still don’t like running. But sometimes amazing views like this fills me with hope, and encourages me to not give up…just yet. But for now, I’ll still stick to swimming and doing yoga and crossfit and building endurance. Maybe I’ll go for a run tomorrow 😉

Spectacular view in one of the most magical places ever.

Spectacular view in one of the most magical places ever. ❤ CBC

Any of you runners out there? Got any tips on being a better runner? I would love some advice.


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