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Only 7 More Semesters to Go!

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Sorry Friends, 

I’ve been MIA for so long. I can make up so many excuses, but school just takes up every minute of my life. And over winter break, I really needed those 2 weeks to recharge and spend some quality time with the family and friends! I still can’t believe that I somehow managed to survive my first semester of med school. Finished up an insane 10 week anatomy course, got started in some interesting cases, and spent endless hours at the library studying. It was both mentally and physically exhausting to learn so much information in such a short amount of time. But all in all it was a good end to the year! 


We started Spring semester back in January 6th, and in just 2 weeks, we had 6 exams and 4 quizzes. We actually wrapped up some interesting classes like Medical Ethics, Nutrition, and Medical Law. Nutrition was one of my favorites as y’all can imagine. (I can’t wait to share my lessons with you all. hopefully soon!). It was hell, and on top of that I ended up getting a mild flu, which made studying so much harder. 


I’ve seen way too many sunrises on my way to school. And this is only the beginning.

I apologize in advance if I go missing for a while. There is so much to learn, and oh so little time. And let’s not forget, to fit in those hours of volunteering, exercising, cooking, and trying to have some sort of social life. It’s quite the balancing act! 

See you all soon. 



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