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Only 7 More Semesters to Go!

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Sorry Friends, 

I’ve been MIA for so long. I can make up so many excuses, but school just takes up every minute of my life. And over winter break, I really needed those 2 weeks to recharge and spend some quality time with the family and friends! I still can’t believe that I somehow managed to survive my first semester of med school. Finished up an insane 10 week anatomy course, got started in some interesting cases, and spent endless hours at the library studying. It was both mentally and physically exhausting to learn so much information in such a short amount of time. But all in all it was a good end to the year! 


We started Spring semester back in January 6th, and in just 2 weeks, we had 6 exams and 4 quizzes. We actually wrapped up some interesting classes like Medical Ethics, Nutrition, and Medical Law. Nutrition was one of my favorites as y’all can imagine. (I can’t wait to share my lessons with you all. hopefully soon!). It was hell, and on top of that I ended up getting a mild flu, which made studying so much harder. 


I’ve seen way too many sunrises on my way to school. And this is only the beginning.

I apologize in advance if I go missing for a while. There is so much to learn, and oh so little time. And let’s not forget, to fit in those hours of volunteering, exercising, cooking, and trying to have some sort of social life. It’s quite the balancing act! 

See you all soon. 



I Survived my First Week of Med School!

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Lessons learned from my First week:

1. Orientation week is long, and really boring. I’ve hear the word “professionalism” probably over 200+ times this week alone.


2. You’ll never be ready for medical school. I’m already behind in class, and technically class hasn’t even started.

photo (8)

3. I’ve a quiz in a week…and this is only a 1/8th of the muscles I need to know by then. Any by know I mean (origin, insertions, innervations, and function). I have a long way to go!

photo (10)

4. I have 10 weeks to get through this book and learn the entire human anatomy. I’m pretty sure this may be a herculean task. How amazing that we all started off as a single cell, yet we grow to be so incredibly complex.

photo (9)

photo (12)

(picture from Atlas of Human Anatomy by Frank H. Netter) 

5. This book is awful. I despise it. It’s already my nemesis. (no offense to the authors)

photo (13)

But seriously…you try figuring out what these pretty blobs come from. They all look the same to me!

photo (11)

(picture above from Histology: A text and Atlas  by Ross and Pawlina)

6. Be friends with the security guard! Chances are you’ll probably forget your ID badge before orientation week is over, and he/she’s someone you don’t want on your bad side.

The Bull, Head of security for safe World Security Corp.

(image source:

Despite the copious amounts of notes already taken, and late night studying, and spending hours with the cadavers, I’m really excited. It’s definitely a challenge. But no journey is complete without its ups and downs.

Hope y’all are doing well! Thanks for keeping up with me. I do apologize in advance if my posts become sporadic. Med school is kind of running my life. I’m determined to get an A in anatomy!

Wish me Luck! 🙂

A Healthy Eating Epiphany

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Like any college student, I experimented a lot with food. I grew up as an omnivore, and had no qualms with all the delicious food my momma prepared for me. After a year in college, and mostly due to peer pressure, I became a vegetarian. I still ate eggs, but cut out any sort of meat. Then, we decided to take it to the next level, and became vegan. I lasted a week, before I started feeling hungry all the time, and I felt very limited by options. Food didn’t become fun anymore, and it was challenging to find food in a college student budget.  Thus, I decided to become a pescatarian. Basically, I ate a lot of fish and shrimp, and eggs, but no meat. I was a pescatarian for 3.5 years, and I still maintain this lifestyle. But occasionally I have slipped and have added chicken back onto my plate. I commend vegans who are wholeheartedly dedicated to their lifestyle. It is very admirable, and definitely encourages a commitment to the healthy lifestyle.

However, not all bodies are alike. What works for one person, may not work for another individual. And just because you’re a vegetarian doesn’t necessarily mean you’re eating a healthy and balanced meal. My fellow Indians who are vegetarians know all too well, how unhealthy Indian food can be, even when it is all vegetarian. As a vegan/vegetarian, I could tell my body wasn’t getting enough protein and the essential nutrients. I was eating beans, and tofu, and taking my vitamin supplements, yet I still felt lethargic, and exhausted. Hence why I decided to be more open minded and flexible with what I consumed. The only thing I have definitely cut out is red meat and pork. Neither of which I ever really grew up eating nor will I ever really miss. I love food. And I believe in moderation.

But let’s be honest, here are the 4 reasons why I can’t ever really be a vegan or vegetarian.

march madness 1 011

1. I love Salmon. Any seafood really. But I can eat salmon every day and not get sick of it. This one is marinated with lots of herbs from the garden and a little bit of olive oil.

march madness 1 015

feb 13th 035

2. I have an unhealthy obsession with cheese. I like to think I’m making for all the lost time I use to hate cheese when I was younger. I have to exercise self control when it comes to cheese.

feb 24 045

3. Eggs. They’re versatile. And they’re nutritious and delicious! 😀 This is supposed to be a veggie omlette with feta cheese (I know: I have a problem when it comes to cheese).

photo (1)

4. Honey. I use it as an alternative to sugar. Chai tea lattes, baking, etc. I think when it comes down to it, sugar and honey have about the same amount of glucose and maybe the same amount of calories (some say honey has more), but I feel like honey is less processed than granulated sugar.

When it comes to a healthy lifestyle, it’s great to experiment with food and find the one that works for you and your body. I know a lot of vegans who are healthy and make really delicious recipes; and I know plenty of omnivores that are just as healthy and strong. The important part is that you’re eating a balanced meal with plenty of veggies and eating the right foods to keep you happy and healthy.

Catch up Thyme

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So happy to be back home and in my own bed. I slept so well last night and actually slept in till 9:30 am. Here’s a recap of the last few days:

feb 24 049

started with one last WOD to get rid of nervous energy before the big interview. A good workout helps me stay calm. And this one was a decent workout.

feb 24 067

Who needs an alarm when you got this beautiful face to wake up to? Little guy woke me up at 4 am!

feb 24 052

A quick breakfast. These are fantastic. Yogurt and granola all in one package. Pretty nifty for when you are in a rush.

feb 24 060

Interview time. Let’s get this over with.

feb 24 061

Dinner and drinks post interview with my favorite gal.

feb 24 071

Gotta sweat off all the fine wine and dine from the night before. 30 min with this contraption and 20 min on the elliptical.

feb 24 077

Lovely lunch of Pesto Chicken sandwich with roasted red peppers, spinach, and cheddar. Thank goodness I worked out right before.

feb 24 086

Exciting and fun night ahead with my talented theatrical best friend and ex-roommate. Thanks for being such a gracious host. Miss you already Popcorn! ❤

And that’s a wrap. Going to go watch those Oscars now. Have a great rest of the weekend! 🙂

Drinking cups of Creativtea Thyme

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I’ve been slacking on my Thankful Tuesday Tea Thyme updates, but don’t worry; I’m still striving to maintain a positive outlook..even on crappy days when I just want to curl under the blanket and stare at Matt Bomer’s dreamy blue eyes while having a marathon of “White Collar”. Check out the first Tea Thyme Tuesday. If I were to have tea with you today, I would like to share with you this awesome DIY project I just finished. I’m really proud of it, mainly because I seriously don’t have a creative bone in my body. And this came out better than I thought it would. Who says science nerds can’t be creative too? 😛

From this boring piece of wood

From this boring piece of wood

iphone 051

To this organized earring holder!

It's so nifty! I love it so much!

It’s so nifty! I love it so much!

Secondly, I’m finally getting around to reading my long list of books I’ve neglected to read since the last Harry Potter came out. Being a premed, I didn’t have time to read anything besides my organic textbook and the required research paper reading for the lab meeting. So I’m really excited to pick up a book that has nothing to do with molecular genetics and other scientific mumbo jumbo. Though I have to say I’ve been really enjoying reading “The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer” by Sidhartha Mukerjee. It’s well written, and a beautiful read. I recently finished the “Millenium Trilogy” and I am currently reading “The Handmaids Tale” by Margaret Atwood. If you have any book recommendations, I would love to hear them. I’m always looking for a good read.

iphone 029

A gripping thriller of a trilogy

Lastly, I am really nervous for this upcoming medical school interview this Thursday. I don’t feel as prepared and I’ve become complacent since I know I have a backup. But I really want it to go well. I can’t wait for it to be over.  On a more positive note, this school is in the same area where one of my best friend lives, so I’m excited I get to see her after six months. She was my roommate in college for 3 years, and I’m really happy for our little reunion. It’s going to be a great weekend, but I just have to get through this intimidating interview.

Alright, I’m off to prep for this interview. Gotta go google the latest on HMOs and the Affordable Care Act and other interesting facts to make the interviewers love me. Have a good rest of the week! 🙂

There’s a Rumbly in my Tummy

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Confession time: I have a really bad habit where I forget to eat throughout the day. And then I come home, and I’m so ravenous that I’ll eat whatever is in front of me. I know. This is horrible. DO NOT follow in my footsteps. Seriously. Don’t. It’s bad. This horrendous habit started in college. I would have crazy hard classes all back to back, and have labs and meetings, and before I knew it,  it’s 5p.m. and I haven’t eaten anything…and I am cranky and just peeved at everyone and anything that moves. If I’m smart, I would have eaten breakfast and carried some snacks in my backpack. But on days, when I’m waking up at 8:20 for my 8:30 am class…the last thing I want to do is eat cereal. This habit didn’t even end when I graduated college, and started working full time in the lab. Except this time, since I didn’t have to be at work till 9 am, I made myself a big breakfast: usually consisting of of a mug of chai latte, and eggs and toast. Unfortunately, in my usual haste, I became lazy about packing lunch, and I would just grab a banana or some yogurt or promise myself I would buy something from on campus.

Then on top of my full time workload, I started volunteering and shadowing in the hospital. I worked with a phenomenal doctor. He’s a neurosurgeon who primarily focuses on movement disorders like Parkinson’s, Essential Tremors, Dystonia, etc. But he’s more than just a great neurosurgeon, he’s an excellent teacher. (nerd alert!) I fell in love with the brain, and even more so with learning about the human brain. Thus, I started to spend long hours in the OR and in the clinic learning as much as I could from him. Clinic normally closes at 5pm…but because this doctor cares so much about providing the best care for his patients, there would be times where we would spend almost an hour with each patient, and we wouldn’t leave clinic until 7 p.m. The OR was another story. The latest I ever stayed in the OR was 9pm…and we still wouldn’t be done for the day. If I was lucky I would be able to sneak out for lunch or grab a quick snack, but there were days where I would be so engrossed in what was happening in the OR or so absorbed with a patient’s history, that I would literally forget about eating.

Long story short: This is not a healthy habit to continue, so now I try to make sure I have some sort of snack in my bag at all times. And I’m making it a mission to continue eating healthy and staying fit. These are a few snacks I’m recently obsessed with this month:

Bananas, Papayas, and Pineapples... Such deliciousness!

Bananas, Papayas, and Pineapples… Such deliciousness!

I love fruits, even more than I love cheese. And I love finding new fruits to try.  Banana’s are so portable. And cutting up fruits like pineapple, and papaya and storing them in the fridge make for a great midnight snack!

Hard Boiled Eggs...still boiling.

Hard Boiled Eggs…still boiling.

Fast and easy source of protein. I don’t care what anyone says, eggs are super healthy. At 70 calories per egg, you get all your 9 essential amino acids, and almost 6 grams of proteins. And it is an excellent source of choline…an important B vitamin that helps in neural regulation and prevents against numerous other diseases. So if you don’t have high cholestrol problems, don’t go out of your way to avoid eggs simply because of the negative vibes surrounding them.

Chobani yogurt!

Chobani yogurt! (please ignore my chipped nails. I tried so hard to make them last a week 🙂 )

I’m very picky about yogurt and their flavors. But lately I’ve been liking this brand a lot. I prefer their honey and vanilla flavors. But Costco had this one on sale.

feb 13th 023

Cinnamon Almonds from Trader Joes

So addicting. I seriously have to control myself. I think I could finish this whole bag in one sitting. Gotta exercise that self control.

feb 13th 031

Do you know what fruit this is?

STARFRUIT! My parents have a starfruit tree in their backyard, and this year we have had a great harvest. They’re fresh and super sweet and delicious. They make for a great snack. And fruits taste so much better when you can pick it straight from a tree and eat it.

feb 13th 035

String Cheese!

I love Cheese:  Aged Cheddar, Gouda, Swiss, you name it, I’ll try it. I try to keep some string cheese handy. They’re great for munching on, and an excellent source of calcium. I’m trying really hard to increase my calcium and vitamin D intake. Like I said, I’m a little paranoid that my bones are going to break from an early onset of osteoporosis. Doing Crossfit 5x a week and increasing my calcium levels has to make my bones stronger, right? At least I really hope they will. 😀

This is a short list of what I’ve been recently snacking on. What’s your favorite snack lately?

Feliz Día de San Valentín

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Happy Valentines day, Friend! I can’t wait for tomorrow when all the chocolates go on sale. Dove dark chocolate, I’ve got my eye on you!

It’s also my one-month anniversary of doing Crossfit! Not going to lie, Crossfit is kicking my butt, yet I keep going back. I just can’t say no.  I really can’t believe I’ve been enduring this torture for a month already. But honestly, as much as I complain about the difficulty of the WOD’s, I truly love it! Sure, I’m in a semi-permanent state of being sore all the time, but I really look forward to my 4pm. I’ve met some really cool people, and we have some awesome coaches. That’s what makes me love crossfit so much. You build a community where everyone encourages and pushes each other to do better.  And the best part: I’ve definitely noticed some great changes. I can tell I’m getting physically stronger, and I have definitely improved a lot on my times and reps. I even have some baby muscles in my twig like arms! 😀 I’m still working on my perfecting my form rather than adding more weights. But baby steps…

What doesn't kill you, really does make you stronger!

What doesn’t kill you, really does make you stronger!

Until tomorrow…Hope you have a great Valentines day!