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Silks, Sweat & Soreness

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My friend Margarita invited me to try a aerial class with her bright and early on Saturday. I’ve never done an aerial class before, but I’ve always wanted to try it. I knew going in I was going to have a hard time, because aerial focuses so much on being graceful and a lot of upper body strength. I mean you’re literally doing pull ups on these slippery silks and trying to go as high as possible without falling down. For someone already afraid of heights, this was a tough exercise. But I definitely had fun.

aerial 024

This is not as easy as it looks. My arms are so shaky. And being graceful..yeah, that’s never going to happen. Those aerial acrobats make it look so easy.

aerial 035

I did a lot of swinging in class, hence all the blurriness in the pictures. It’s so hard to stay still. A lot of it has to do with tightening your core, and focusing on staying still, and controlling your movements.

 aerial 047

I have to say, Crossfit has definitely made my shoulders look amazing; and it has definitely helped me tremendously with my upper body strength, because otherwise this aerial class would have been impossibly challenging (it still was really difficult, but at least I could actually try some of the moves).

aerial 044

My friend Margarita is a lot more better on the graceful front than I was. And our coach Sarah in the background! I love her. She’s passionate about aerial, and super encouraging. Lover her enthusiasm and kind words.

aerial 027

A decent, non swinging picture! Whohoo. My shoulders were screaming in pain. And I kind of overdid it, because right after this skill, I couldn’t hold this stance much longer and ended up rotating my shoulder all the way through. Nothing popped out, and no serious injury occurred. But this activity is something you should definitely do with a professional around.

aerial 053

Not sure why I’m wearing a sweater, it was hot and I was sweating after that crazy workout. Thanks lovely ladies for an awesome experience. And thanks Sarah at Northwest Dance for taking the time to teach us some aerial tricks on the silk. I can’t wait to try it again. But until then, I’m going to go soak in a hot bath. My shoulders are still sore, and its been 3 days.


Hitting the Barre

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I went to my first Barre method class. It was super AWESOME and really TOUGH! My legs are still shaky!

Gorgeous day to try a new fitness class!

Gorgeous day to try a new fitness class

What is Barre? Barre actually refers to  the stationary handrail primarily used in ballet classes for getting deeper stretches and other warm up exercises. Barre studios and exercises utilize the same principles in ballet exercises, along with a bit more yoga and pilates stretches to get a great cardiovascular and strength training workout.

Inside a Barre Studio

Inside a Barre Studio

When I heard that it was just doing a little bit of yoga and pilates, I thought no big deal, I do crossfit, I can definitely handle this. Boy was I WRONG!!. Crossfit is an intense workout that usually lasts for about 20 min max. This Barre class was 55 min of holding certain poses for some time; you could feel the pain in every single muscle fiber. My glutes were definitely feeling it after the workout and the next day.

small medicine ball, 3lb weights, and barre straps.

small medicine ball, 3lb weights, and barre straps.

We started the class with a 5-7 min warm up to awesome poppy music to get all loosened up. Then progressed to using some light weights to work out the triceps/biceps and shoulders. Note: 3lb weight may not seem heavy at all, but repetitive motions using 3lb weights can lead to shaky hands, and sore muscles. What I love about Barre is it’s not about getting bulky. Rather it’s about staying lean and getting toned. And it really is a tough workout. And I love that we had a great teacher: Debbie, who took the time to correct my form and tell me when I need to get deeper into the poses to really feel the burn! By the time we got to the actual barre to work on our hamstrings and quads, my legs were shaking.

Awesome first experience!

Awesome first experience!

Overall, I loved the experience, and I would love to come back and incorporate it into my daily fitness. Unfortunately, these classes are not cheap. My friend had given me a coupon, so I was able to try the class for free. I figure I’m only in town for another few weeks before I go on my overseas adventures, so I might wait until I come back to get on the Barre train. Some things to keep in mind if you do decide to try a barre class:

1. Wear long pants; preferably one’s that go past your knees. Shorts are not ideal.

2. Bring socks; especially the ones with traction so you don’t slip and slide too much.

3. If it’s your first time, definitely come early. The teachers go over key details in class and just what to expect.

4. Don’t forget to hydrate and bring your water bottles!

5. Have fun! 😀

march 8 021

Successful first day at Barre54.

For more information about Barre exercises, check out:

Have a great weekend! So much work to do, and so little time!

Feliz Día de San Valentín

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Happy Valentines day, Friend! I can’t wait for tomorrow when all the chocolates go on sale. Dove dark chocolate, I’ve got my eye on you!

It’s also my one-month anniversary of doing Crossfit! Not going to lie, Crossfit is kicking my butt, yet I keep going back. I just can’t say no.  I really can’t believe I’ve been enduring this torture for a month already. But honestly, as much as I complain about the difficulty of the WOD’s, I truly love it! Sure, I’m in a semi-permanent state of being sore all the time, but I really look forward to my 4pm. I’ve met some really cool people, and we have some awesome coaches. That’s what makes me love crossfit so much. You build a community where everyone encourages and pushes each other to do better.  And the best part: I’ve definitely noticed some great changes. I can tell I’m getting physically stronger, and I have definitely improved a lot on my times and reps. I even have some baby muscles in my twig like arms! 😀 I’m still working on my perfecting my form rather than adding more weights. But baby steps…

What doesn't kill you, really does make you stronger!

What doesn’t kill you, really does make you stronger!

Until tomorrow…Hope you have a great Valentines day!

Week’s Worth of Workouts

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I meant to post this last night, but I ended up heading to bed early instead. It has been a busy several days. Momma and I have been shopping trying to get everything ready for my upcoming India trip in a month and half. But in all this chaos, I still have found time to fit in a workout every day. I usually workout Monday-Friday, and take the weekends off. So here’s a recap of what my exercising week has looked like this past week:

killer workout week.

killer workout week.

I forgot to take a picture of my workout of the day on Thursday, but here is what we did:

2.7.13-Workout of the Day

Back Squat Est. 1Rep max

Annie was on the Shuttle
Double Unders (Double the rep count for Single Unders)

(basically, 50 jump ropes, (I had to do a 100x because I’m not a proficient jump roper, yet), and 50 sit ups, 80 jump ropes, 40 sit ups, etc…)

Mostly a lot of crossfit. It was a lot of arm work this week. And unfortunately my scrawny arms and shoulder definitely paid the price. I do need to work on my upper body strength, so I guess I’m doing something right if I’m in this much pain, right? I’ve also tried to incorporate some of the yoga poses I learned from my Bikram yoga class on my own in the mornings. My muscles are so stiff and sore from all this crosffit, and doing yoga and stretching helps. Finally, I’ve resorted to using this nifty heating/cooling pad my momma found at Bed Bath & Beyond to help with the aching muscles. It definitely helps with the shoulder stiffness.

heat therapy for my aching muscles.

heat therapy for my aching muscles. (Earth Theraputics Anti-Stress Microwaveable Comfort Wrap)

Need some inspiring videos to get you motivated on your workout? Check out this video below. Exercise really is a mental activity as much as it’s a physical activity. It’s about determination. It’s easy to say, “Oh I’ll do it tomorrow. And I don’t feel like it.” But you’ll be amazed how good you feel when finish that workout. (

Stay safe, and take care Friends. See you soon!